Friday 25th April 2014

Best dishwashers in 2013


This page was written by our expert, Dany McCallum who wrote quick review on the most appreciated dishwashers available on the market.

GE PDWT180VSS Profile Dishwasher


The best dishwasher reviews are proud to present the GE Profile Dishwasher, a made by a company known for its “Perfect Blend of Style and Technology.” It has a PureClean wash system with 5-stage filtration to ensure that it washes the dishes every time. Its SmartDispense™ Technology automatically dispenses the perfect amount during each load’s pre-wash and main wash cycles which helps to get dishes squeaky clean. It also has other wonderful features like the DeepClean™ cycle with Steam Prewash, Single Rack Wash™ Selection and the Angled Rack Dry™ System.  It is also designed as an energy saver to save money and resources.




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GE PDW1860NSS Monogram Dishwasher


Very work-efficient and a quiet dish washer, GE Monogram definitely is worth the place of being one of the best dishwasher of 2013. Due to its innovative technology, GE Monogram offers a quiet but very efficient operation. It is loaded with a lot of features like energy saving feature, drying system with advanced sensor technology, extra-large interior and height-adjustable upper rack. It also comes with hidden integrated electronic control. The dish washer is very “techy” and might be too pricey but it never compromises its high standard that housekeepers love.


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Bosch SHX5AL05UC Integra Ascenta DLX

But if you want a dishwasher with not-that-high price, Bosch SHX5AL05UC Integra Ascenta DLX will fit you splendidly with its amazing quality. It is made of stainless steel so it assures durability and efficiency. There’s also many cycles available, 5 different wash cycles and 2 different options for washing accuracy. It also has a time-saving quick wash feature that allows small loads don’t need that much of time. It also has an auto clean cycle and great load capacity. It can hold up to 14 place settings and has a fully-integrated control panel. It is cheap and affordable while not compromising the quality which makes the dishwasher great.



GE Adora Dishwasher


GE Adora dishwasher is well-loved by customers because of its work-efficiency and its energy-saving feature. It has tall interior tubs as to maximize the capacity of the dishwasher. It is also enforced with dual wash arms to allow more thorough cleaning. The cleaning types and duration of the dishwashing process can also be controlled by its control technology providing 9 button electronic control panel. Adora Dishwasher is also known for its energy-saving capacity if 15% less energy than what the government requires. It definitely is a good choice if you’re searching for a suitable dishwasher for your kitchen.



Bosch SHX65P05UC 500 Series Dishwasher


Best dishwashers 2013

Bosch dishwashers are a known industry that makes high-quality units loaded with tons of features. One of the unit produced is the Bosch SHX65P05UC which is part of the Bosch 500 series and held a place as one of the best dishwashers 2013. It offers many choices of 6 wash cycles and 3 options of accuracy, and also easy loading because of its RACKMATIC™ adjustable rack system to be able to accommodate large or strangely shaped dishes. It can also allow you to raise or lower the upper rack simply by moving a lever. It may be more expensive than the other brands yet it provides efficiency in cleaning.

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